Native iOS apps development

Our experience in native iOS development is more than 7 years. From basic UI things to advanced video capturing and frame by frame processing, so you can trust us as an iOS app development company.

Currently Swift language is most popular for new iOS development projects, but Objective-C is still used for many enterprise iOS projects and performs very well. Also, Objective-C is still most popular choice for enterprise-level SDKs because of better forward compatibility option.

We can propose native custom iOS app development both in Swift and Objective-C languages, depending on your needs.

Native iOS development has number of advantages:

  • Full set of supported iOS SDK methods, including advanced graphic acceleration and video recording
  • Rich set of available 3’rd party libraries and UI components
  • Highest performance of possible

With only one disadvantage: Native iOS app development produces application only for single platform – iOS. To support Android users, you will need to build native Android application. Usually it requires to double the budget, but our project management skills usually help to reduce the budged from 2x to 1.5x.

If your application does not involve advanced hardware interactions and much 3’rd party components integration we suggest to check cross-platform Flutter application development option.




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