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Google Cloud Platform (Firebase) one of recent solutions to build serverless support for mobile clients. Serverless means that you do not need to pay fixed period cost for dedicated server or virtual machine instance. Instead of that, you pay for really consumed resources – space, computing power and consumed traffic.

Firebase also provides a free tier on Spark plan. Often it means that you will not pay anything for Firebase usage on development and testing stages, as well as for first time of production rollout. After the free tier threshold will be reached, Firebase start charge you for exceeding usage. Firebase prices are also affordable. Small projects usually can use them for free for unlimited time.

Second great point of serverless solutions it’s scalability. Usually they can scale out of the box with little delay. It means that you will pay only for consumed resources and do not care how to scale your backend. Serverless solution will be up/down-scaled automatically based on real load. It's more profitable comparing to always-running clusters which serving a load on peak hours and do nothing on low load periods.

Here is a list of most useful Firebase services:

  • Authentication - Authentication system with an option to use external systems (Google, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Cloud Firestore* - Cloud side code execution engine. Functions can be written in number of languages: Node.js, Go and Python (the list is continuously growing)
  • Cloud Functions* - NoSQL database with almost real-time data access
  • Cloud Storage* – Cloud file storage system
  • Cloud Messaging - Push notifications service

* Services with support of security rules. It means that together with Authentication service, access can be controller using flexible security rules. Security rules helps to reduce amount of access control backend code – now it’s possible to replace them with cloud-side security policies.

** All of listed services are auto-scalable






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