Flutter app development for cross-platform solutions

Frankly speaking, we were skeptical on any of cross-platform app development until Flutter is out. Older cross-platform solutions have number of disadvantages – some of them are slow, some of them hard to learn, some of them is not mobile applications at all (like Cordova).

With Flutter we expect a break-through for cross-platform development in 2019, and this is why:

  • It’s based on 2D hardware accelerated graphic library Skia. It does not mean that Flutter is for game development. It means that Flutter is incredible fast on elements drawing and animation, which is crucial for smooth UI with animations.
  • It’s built using Dart language which is typed mature language with compilation to binary code (ARM devices so far). It makes applications on Flutter to be as faster as possible and very close to native app. And it’s true for both platforms – iOS and Android since both of them supports running of native ARM-binary code.
  • It supports both Android and iOS UI set: Material and iOS-like (in Flutter it’s called Cupertino UI). Thanks to that, it’s possible to provide native UI for each platform, in case of need. As an option, it's possible to provide Material both for Android and iOS, or iOS also for Android, which is weird, but possible… Anyway, with Flutter it’s possible to build mobile applications with native interface both for Android and iOS.
  • It supports cool UI animations out of the box, which are hard to build on native platforms. Because of 2D-accelerated layer, it’s possible to create nice and sophisticated animations which will work flawlessly on iOS and Android.
  • It’s built and supported by Google and planned to be a mainstream in post-Android ecosystem. Google puts significant time investments here, but no worries – Apple has no objections and dozens of Flutter apps already can be found on the App Store.

As any universal solution, Flutter development has some disadvantages, limitations and risks. That’s why we are ready to analyze your requirements and make proven estimation of what is best approach to build your solution.

In some cases, cross-platform development unable to satisfy your needs and we will be happy to build your native solution for both iOS and Android in parallel.





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