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Amazon Web Services (AKA AWS) was the first and greatest solution to build serverless backend for mobile and web clients. Serverless means what it's means – you do not need to pay fixed monthly or yearly cost for dedicated server or virtual instance running your backend code. Instead of that, you pay for consumed resources – storage space, computer time and traffic.

Additional to very reasonable prices of on-demand consumption, AWS also provides a free tier for every account. Often it means that you will not pay anything for AWS usage during the development, testing and first time of production for project. Only after some load threshold will be crossed, AWS will start bill you for extra usage. But again, their prices are affordable. For some small projects it’s even possible to use AWS services for free on regular basis.

Another great option of serverless solutions is scalability. Usually they are scalable out of the box with small switching time gap. For you it means that you just pay for consumed resources and do not much care how to scale the backend. It will be scaled (and downscaled) automatically based on current load. Usually It's much more profitable comparing to permanent clusters which holding a load on peak hours and do almost nothing in the rest of time.

This is a list of most useful AWS services for mobile applications:

  • Cognito* – Authentication system with option to use external authenticators like Google or Facebook
  • DynamoDB* – NoSQL database stored on SSD drives with screaming fast access time
  • Lambda* – Cloud side code execution engine. Functions can be written in number of languages: Node.js, Java, C#, Go, Kotlin, Python and Ruby (the list is continuously growing)
  • S3* – File storage system
  • SNS – Simple Notification Service, useful to send push notifications
  • SES – Simple Email Service, good for email sending
  • EC2 – Virtual instances service for cases when it’s required to have dedicated continuously running virtual machine

* Indicated services supports ACL for control of some functions. It means that in conjunction with Cognito, access to them can be controller straight using configurable AWS security policies. This great feature helps to reduce amount of access control backend code – now it’s possible to replace them with cloud-side security policies.

** All of listed services, except EC2 are auto-scalable out of the box.

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