Native Android apps development

We will be happy to provide our experience in native Android app development carefully collected in more than 5 years. As a mobile app development company, we have used techniques like Reactive programming and Bluetooth LE peripherals communication.

Initially Android development was stick to Java language as most used at that moment. Now, Google officially added support for Kotlin language, which still provides full power of JVM bite code, but adds modern syntax to speed up mobile software development and keep human errors at minimum. As the result Kotlin development becomes an industrial standard for modern apps.

Thanks to great Kotlin interoperability with existing Java code and libraries, we can propose native Android app development in Kotlin for new and existing applications. Our experience indicates that this is the best approach for custom Android app development.

Native Android development has number of advantages:

  • Full set of supported Android SDK methods, including advanced graphic acceleration and video recording
  • Rich set of available 3’rd party libraries and UI components
  • Better compatibility with changing Android ecosystem

But it has a disadvantage: Native Android development produces application only for single platform – Android. To support iOS users, you will need additionally to build native iOS application. Usually it requires to double the budget, fortunately our project management usually help to reduce the budged from 2x to 1.5x.

In case when your application does not require advanced hardware interactions and much 3’rd party libraries integration we suggest to consider cross-platform Flutter app development option.




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